Eating healthy when eating outside

Eating healthy when eating outside

Eating healthy when eating outside:

If you ever want to eat lunch or dinner outside the house with your friends or family, you can get the right dietary value by following some advice and guidance, how do you get a healthy meal inside the dishes distributed in restaurants?

You and your family, or your friends, that fit the restaurant that you picked, and you picked a special lunch that was appropriate for the occasion that you went out to eat at the restaurant. Well, in that beautiful atmosphere, your lively discussion will come to mind.

It's always a mistake to choose the healthy food that we eat outside, where we're looking for food that only blocks our hunger when it's full of fat and sugars, and we order more of it, and then it's a good thing to say, but we don't listen to it, and we continue to enjoy these diverse foods, especially on occasions.

It's just a simple step that allows you to ensure that you get balanced and healthy food at the same time, away from all these unhealthy sugars and fats and eating, so we put some healthy alternatives in your hands.

1.food Alternatives:

  • Eat slowly and stop feeling saturated.
  • Eating beans is made up of the union of a large number of amino acids that result from the degradation of proteins during digestion.
  • Beans, hummus, peas and beans.
  • Eat steam-cooked or boiled rice and get away from the fried rice, especially that fried with the eggs.
  • Eating fat-free meat or chicken without skin and fish of these kinds instead of pancakes, and also moving away from frying fish, is undervalued.
  • Besides, every food that avoids the use of those sauces that contain a lot of cheese, tomato sauces, etc., is harmful to the body.
  • There's no one who prefers to eat mashed potatoes, but nutritionists recommend boiling potatoes and adding a little salt and butter to be healthier.
  • And for a salad, there are many kinds of salads that are useful and rich, like fruit and green salads that are not served with sauce or mayonnaise, and I make them a substitute for chocolate and biscuits.
  • And there's also juices that you have to know that non-sweet fruit juice has a proportion of sugars, and that's why you try to eat just one cup every day, and you'd rather eat this cup while you're on duty, and that prevents tooth decay, and you can add some soda or iced water to it, and that's enough, and you can get a little bit away from alcohol or gas.

2.Be smart when choosing your meal:

The average guy needs about 2,500 calories, and the mirror needs 2,000 calories, and this is about the body's civic activity throughout the day. Many cafes and restaurants put on the menu the number of calories each of them has, and this is a good way to make it easier for you to choose the right food, depending on the price of heat that benefits you.

And if you don't know the right way to pick your own dish, let's give you some advice besides the previous tips that help you choose a healthy whole dish.

  • You need to avoid picking big meals and a medium or normal meal.
  • You need to make sure you don't eat appetizers and bread before serving your meal, because you're going to eat more than allowed.
  • After your main meal, you can order dessert.
  • If your meal doesn't contain vegetables, ask that your plate be supplied with green in another extra dish.
  • Ask not to add salt to food while serving or cooking.

3. Healthy desserts:

In each restaurant, there are many options for dessert after meal, and you're always looking for delicious dessert, but most experts recommend fruit as dessert after main meal. It's rich and very useful for health.

There's another way, if you want to eat hard dessert, that you incorporate fruit into desserts, like eating apple pie, and stay away from those cream-filled desserts or chocolate.

4. Lunch Salads:

  • Choose a little fat salad
  • It is preferable to choose salads containing starch foods, such as rice, potatoes and macaroni.
  • Stay away from authorities containing mayonnaise

5. Hot Lunch:

Everyone would rather eat a hot meal and like the steam that comes out of it. How do we get hot food?

  • The best option for hot food is macaroni.
  • Cooked potatoes
  • Hot soup and pick the soup with the vegetables next to the bread.
  • Healthy fillings, like baked beans, the most dangerous items with little salt or sugar, as well as cheese fillets, and always stay away from fillings with mayonnaise, which are full of fat and bad for health.