Healthy diet

Healthy diet

Healthy diet

What's a healthy diet?

A diet that provides us with the right amount of energy from food and drinks and contains all the basic nutrients that the body needs to stay healthy and work well.

How much food does a body need to ensure healthy diet?

The diet that he eats every day must provide us with an appropriate amount of energy without increasing or decreasing calories to maintain the balance of energy in the body.

We need these calories to do daily tasks, like walking and moving in addition to the vital functions of the body. All these things need calories.

The food and drinks we consume provide the calories we need to practice our daily lives, but consuming more calories in terms of the body increases the weight over time.

How much energy does your body need to eat and drink every day?

The amount of energy the body needs depends on many factors, most notably the level of daily physical activity it does, but the overall daily calorie rate that the body needs is as follows:

  • Men have to get about 2,500 calories a day.
  • Ladies have to get about a heat per day.

How do we keep a healthy diet?

Eat a variety of foods
There's not a single item of food that has all the nutrients, and that's why we have to diversify into food varieties and make sure we choose healthy varieties.
Make sure to pay attention to the amount of food you eat.
Controlling the quantity of eaten food is the key to healthy and balanced gym. The choice of food varieties is diverse, with a lot of dietary elements, but you have to pay attention to the quantity that you also eat.
Watch out for the calories in the drinks.
Many drinks and juices contain large amounts of sugars, always drinking natural juice free of added sugar and eating a moderate amount of it daily.
Stay away from animal grease
The saturated fat found in red meat and processed meat increases cholesterol in the blood, and it also has a high proportion of calories, which is why you have to choose fat-free meat.

What's the best healthy weight - loss diet?

Rajim Water:

You can't believe that drinking too much water can be stored in the body, as some believe. Salts alone can lead to fluid retention in the body, so water gasification can help lose weight and actually burn fat.

Water is basically dependent on drinking large amounts of water per day, up to about litres of water, and drinking water before eating properly, so it's preferable to drink two bottles of water before breakfast, lunch and dinner.
It is also possible to reduce the amount of water that is primarily dependent on water, to eat as much as you like, provided it is small and to drink water regularly.

Rajim eight hours:

One of the kinds of new gyms that's starting to get popular is that it doesn't force the elimination of any kind of food, it just depends on time.

In other words, Rajim eight hours requires you to take eight hours from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. or from 10:00 a.m. to 6 p.m. on our condition and eat only during these eight hours.

The reason for this would be to leave enough space and time for an object to perform digestion during the appropriate period, which is the rest of the day.

Rajim 12 Days:

This regem depends on the triad of days, so that you have to eat each meal every three days, and that helps to lose about 12 kilograms.

In the last three days, any kind of animal protein such as fish, meat and chicken is eaten, roasted or boiled, and many more fats are changed.
And one last advice when following the best health strategy is to do walking and exercise over long distances, and that helps to tighten the body, which can be left with a loss of weight.